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The idea to create this project arose during a journey to India in 2014. One year later, ‘The Little Budhha‘ was already coming to life. In 2015 one of the most prestigious colleges in Portugal accepted the challenge to be our pilot school, and in 2016 various partnerships were created with schools, international colleges, high schools and the John of God Association.

In 2017, after receiving a large number of requests, we began to offer training to the general public. Whether in Porto, Lisbon or the Algarve, our courses have always enjoyed full classrooms.

Would you believe that as a result of our project, meditation has become a reality for more than 5000 children!

Ico Projeto

The Project

The ‘Little Buddha‘ project consists of bringing techniques of meditation and mindfulness into the classroom. The results of these very simple exercises are that students become calmer, more attentive and achieve better marks. Its important to note that these exercises do not belong to any particular religion or tradition, rather they exist naturally for the development of all humanity.

This project is aimed at all children from the 1st class (5 yr-olds) upwards. Our team trains the teachers so that they can apply the exercises in the classroom.

We make regular visits to the schools with whom we are in partnership to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Both children and teachers have recieved ‘The Little Buddha’ project in their classrooms with the greatest enthusiasm!

Ico Testemunho

“I’m happy to know that my son’s school has joined the ‘Little Buddha’ programme. Everybody wins with this”.

A parent

Ico Missao


Our mission is to bring techniques of mindfulness and meditation to children, principally in schools in the context of the classroom. We would like these sessions to become part of the day-to-day life of the children, thereby contributing to their development in a natural and holistic way. By protecting education we are protecting the children, and by protecting the children, we are protecting the planet!

Ico Visao


To assist in the evolution of the educational system in a way that facilitates the children’s natural development, so that their world becomes a better place in which to live.

Ico Testemunho

“After requests from the students we practice Meditation before they take their tests, which helps them to relax and to concentrate. Its really good!

Teacher from the 5th Year

Ico Desafio

The Challenge

One of the greatest problems for children is a lack of concentration. As a consequence, some end up suffering from anxiety, frustration and low self-esteem, which can often result in their taking medication. In part, this anxiety is a result of the accelerated pace of life that is imposed upon them, as well as the high levels of work, tests, homework, time spent studying and the excessive stimulations of the digital age.

This is where our project comes into its own. We cannot make the causes of stress disappear, but we can teach the students a natural and holistic technique which will enable them to better manage their emotional and intellectual energies.

When they make ‘Quiet Time‘, the name we give to the techniques of meditation and relaxation we use in the classroom, the students eliminate anxiety from that present moment. They become more calm and more focused, as well as more sympathetic towards each other and their teacher, which brings an increase in personal satisfaction, effectiveness and productivity.


The Little Buddha team is composed by “ambassadors” who represent the project and work in the area of conscious education.

Tomas Breyner
Tomás Mello Breyner

Founder of 'O Pequeno Buda'
Yoga teacher


Diogo Meneses
Diogo Meneses

(ISPA Masters Psychology)


Raquel Canhao
Raquel Canhão

Ipss teacher, kids yoga teacher


Joana Magno
Joana Magno



Tiago Jesus
Tiago Jesus

Artist, Yoga teacher


Joana Vaz
Joana Vaz

Master's degree in psychology, mindfulness teacher (MBSR)


Raquel Reis
Raquel Reis

Kids yoga teacher


“O Pequeno Buda” Book

Livro Pequeno Buda

O Pequeno Buda” written by Tomás Mello Breyner and edited by Penguin Random House / Arena, released on September 8, 2016 tells us about the importance of teaching meditation to children. It is a work of great importance nowadays since it speaks to us of an increasingly delicate subject.

The author of the book begins by explaining who he is and how he got here so he can then come and talk about meditation itself and more specifically meditation for children. It is a book intended for adults, especially parents and teachers. Inserted in the work are also several exercises that allow the reader to put them into practice.

The book is for sale in major bookstores, FNAC, CTT and supermarkets.

“I have a very good feeling when I do the meditation, because I feel more relaxed and I can rest.”

Student of year 4


Activism in education, for a better world!

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