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The project the Little Buddha has the support of ISWARI Portuguese company of Superfoods.

Iswari believes that a healthier and more balanced life is available to everyone, in every gesture.

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And that our contribution and the best way to repay everything that nature gives us, is to share some of its immense wisdom.

Breakfast is essential for good physical and intellectual performance, and in the case of children, it becomes even more crucial.

Children who regularly eat breakfast have additional benefits in terms of attention, concentration, memory, and school performance.

Well, breakfast is the most important meal for the brain!

The “Little Buddha” mixes provide complete, balanced and healthy breakfasts designed for children. In addition to the preparation with water / vegetable drink, these mixtures can be used in the confection of other recipes as: shakes, pancakes, muffins, cakes among others.



Banana Maca



Magic Blueberry

Alimentacao 01

These mixtures:
They are a source of energy and vitality
Increase concentration
They improve blood glucose levels.
They are easy to digest
Improve intestinal transit
Contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system

All of our Little Buddha Breakfasts are vegan, raw, organic, gluten-free and instant

Easy preparation

Just add vegetable drink or milk and it’s ready

You can add in a yogurt, make pancakes, muffins etc.

Alimentacao 02
Alimentacao 03

Start the day with a meal low in fat and sugars but high in protein. This will make you achieve better mental performance throughout the day, in addition to helping to burn fat.

In this breakfast children’s cereals (complex carbohydrates), fruit, seeds and even superfoods are present.


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